A Home for All New Yorkers

Who We Are

Since our founding in 1979, Metro IAF New York, has been organizing to improve our city and our region. Over the course of nearly 40 years, Metro IAF NY has held public and private sector leaders accountable to deliver real results for the people of New York. Our victories include:

  • Building and rehabilitating more than 6,400 units of affordable housing and apartments, including over 3,000 Nehemiah homes
  • Partnering with the NYC Department of Education to start four small quality public high schools and two charter schools, and fund $300 million in school construction.
  • Winning a $60 million clean up and rehabilitation of East River and Seward Park
  • Helping pass NYC Charter reform in 1990 and NYC’s first living wage in 1996

Metro IAF New York Is made up of seven independent organizations in the New York metropolitan area: East Brooklyn Congregations, Manhattan Together, Empowered Queens United in Action and Leadership, South Bronx Churches, Jersey City Together, Long Island Congregations, Associations and Neighborhoods, and Westchester United.

Each non-partisan organization is composed dues paying member institutions, including congregations, schools, homeowners associations and non-profit organizations. Organizations work independently on improving their blocks, neighborhoods and boroughs, and collectively on improving New York City and our region.

This photograph is of the groundbreaking of the Nehemiah plan in Brownsville, Brooklyn in 1982.  The Nehemiah plan started with the construction of 1,100 single family homes. Since then we have built over 3,000 more homes in Brooklyn and the model has been replicated across the country. Metro IAF New York has a track-record of creating large scale change that others thought was impossible. Today we are as active and powerful as ever.